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Home Remodeling Services

Home Remodeling projects are one of the largest expenses for homeowners. On average, a full home remodel job takes 3-6 weeks to finish, although this depends greatly on the scope and magnitude of the project itself, and who you hire to perform the extra work. A good rule of thumb for the average homeowner: For each $10,000 invested, expect it will take up to three-four weeks to fully complete the project. For larger projects, such as bathrooms or kitchen renovations, this can be cut down substantially, especially if there are significant delays in the start-up stages.

There are many ways to go about doing a DIY home remodel or renovation. One way is to hire a contractor to do most or all of the work for you. The initial expense for this is generally far less than hiring an outside contractor. But when it comes to paying the bills and doing the work yourself, the savings aren’t far behind. Plus, if there are any major electrical or plumbing issues, it may be cheaper or even necessary to hire an outside contractor, anyway.

If you’re not sure whether or not you can afford a contractor, simply look around at other remodeling jobs for sale on the Internet and in local home improvement catalogs. By examining closely-exquisite homes that have just undergone renovations, you can save money on labor by figuring out how long it will take to finish each room, including the bathroom and kitchen. This can be used to help you determine the approximate cost of what it will take to remodel your home using the services of a contractor or an independent service.

One area of a home remodel often overlooked but a key factor in overall appearance and value is plumbing and drainage. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that any problems in these two areas are easily fixed, but they’re anything but simple. Professionals who work in these fields can effectively address plumbing and drainage problems, as well as do-it-yourself “fixes,” without any costly complications. In fact, sometimes master bedroom and bathroom plumbing needs to be completely replaced.

If your master bedroom has its own bathtub and doesn’t require separate plumbing, consider replacing the tub with a shower stall, or installing a second shower, vanity, or dressing area. This addition will increase the square foot of space available to you, making it easier for you to accommodate guests. Similarly, if your master bathroom has only one shower stall, or no shower at all, installing a new faucet and sprayer can be a great way to save space and improve the look of the room. You can choose from many different faucets, including high-end chrome, brass, and even hand-painted finishes. A high-end sprayer can cost up to five hundred dollars, but a lower-end model should be priced around one hundred dollars.

Kitchen remodel and demolition involves removing existing appliances, cabinets, flooring, floor finish, countertops, and other fixtures to make the area more energy efficient and usable. While this project doesn’t require professional training, it is best to hire professionals who have experience in both demolition and renovation. In addition, hiring a remodeler who specializes in kitchen remodel and DIY projects will ensure that your new kitchen is a better fit for your lifestyle and budget. If you’re looking to find out more about kitchen remodel and DIY projects, contact a local licensed contractor today. They’ll offer you their expert knowledge and advice in no time, making any home improvement project successful.